Emily Adele Williams is a cellist, musical improviser and jazz vocalist performing acoustic and amplified/effected cello often using loop machines, various effect pedals, cello percussion, music boxes and voice to create multi layered music which can be described as ambient, lo-fi, instrumental post rock and atmospheric soundscapes.

Emily studied music and composition, jazz/improv vocals and cello at The Victoria College of the Arts (Melbourne Australia) and has since participated in various cellos and music workshops, masterclasses, art residencies and festivals for musicians including The Atlantic Centre for the Arts (Florida, USA), The New Directions in Cello Festival (Ithaca, New York, USA), and attended public cello masterclasses with Steven Isserlis and Alexander Bailie.

Emily’s performed and recorded with various artists and musicians across diverse genres and artistic platforms including dance and choreography, theatre, audio/visual art, film/TV, DJ’s/Vj’s and continues to collaborate on artistic projects with musicians and composers.