Press & reviews

The Dwarf by Pearl Lantern
“Williams is not adverse to a little inter-genre musical relations. Moreover, her compositions reveal a passion and a deep understanding of classical music rules and most importantly a willingness to subvert them to create lush and breathtaking musical landscapes” It’s classical but not as we know it 

The Age
“The National Gallery of Victoria has worked with DJ Maison and cellist Emily Williams to curate a program that NGV senior program co-ordinator Ben Divall says has an “intelligent approach to DJing and music” Getting down with the kids from The Age 

Beat Magazine, Jesse Shrock
“Cellist Emily Williams, an innovative and genre-defying solo instrumentalist in her own right, was a perfect fit for support of American wunderkind Kaki King (USA)”
Opening for Kaki King

Art After Dark
“Rebuilding themselves for this series, with two computers, a modular synthesizer, sampler and an array of effects, ii are performing in collaboration with cellist Emily Williams, together they composed an hour-long suite of new music for the Guggenheim exhibition” Geek Girl Blog